About us

The incubation center of Amity University in Tashkent and the Directorate of the Technological Park of Software Products and Information Technologies LLC (IT Park) is a platform for the development of youth start-up projects at the Amity University in Tashkent, the purpose of which is to create favorable conditions for learning and the development of start-up projects in the field of ICT at the university, the introduction of the spirit of innovation, as well as the creation of innovations by young people that will be in demand by the economy and social sphere.

advising students on the implementation of their innovative ideas and startup projects;
competitions, hackathons, master classes at the University;
conferences, exhibitions, round tables, seminars, etc. on organizational, economic and legal issues of entrepreneurship, including with international participation;
resident program of the innovation center;
providing a workplace;
incubation / acceleration program;
prototyping center (laboratory);
assistance in the development of research works of students, undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists of the University;
attracting investment in innovative research and development, projects and programs of students and young scientists.

The incubation program is an educational and practical program within which the idea of the startup project is formed and developed, in other words, it is a program for enthusiasts who have the idea, but do not have a business plan or a clear understanding of how it can be implemented (from idea to MVP). The program is designed for 3 months and provides startup projects with a comfortable workplace, information and consulting support and work with specialists.


The acceleration program is an educational and practical program designed for those who already have a prototype of an idea, an assembled team, and who just lack a push to their cherished goals - getting funding and transforming the project into a real business (from MVP to market scaling). During acceleration, startup projects are supported by experienced mentors, including individual consultations, trainings and lectures, as well as access to the investment platform and the development of a wide partner network. The acceleration period is 3 months.


A mentor is a teacher who temporarily works with the startup project team and acts as a consultant. As a rule, the mentor is not just a specialist who is well versed in the industry close to a particular startup, but also an entrepreneur with practical business experience. The mentor helps the project with his/her knowledge, experience and connections, directs the development of the startup in the right direction, so that the business becomes successful and competitive in the market in the shortest possible time. You can become the mentor if you have: Extensive practical experience; Management skills; Knowledge in diagnostics and business strategy development; Experience in the field of economics and sales; Good communication skills.

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A tracker is an important link in the incubation and acceleration programs. He directs and coordinates a young startup step by step, helping to implement it from "idea" to "minimum viable product" and launch it on the market. The tracker regularly meets with startup founders and discusses the company's development. His/her task is to ask the right questions that will force the entrepreneur to look for ways to develop the business and implement the decisions made.

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