5 Mind-blowing facts about Startups

In recent years, we regularly hear the word "startup", but not everyone knows what it means.

But what is it in simple words?

A startup is a business that has never existed before 💹. The idea of any startup is a novelty, a new product, a new technology, something that did not exist in the world before 🆕

 These are the best examples of Uzbek start-upers💡:

•  Payme - Sarvar Ruzmatov

•  BILLZ - Rustam Khamdamov

•  Express 24 - Akmal Paiziev

•  Arzon Apteka - Shukhrat Ishmukhammedov

5 mind blowing facts about Startups 📈:

•  Fail, Fail and Fail – 90% of them fail

•  Startups are mostly for risk-takers 

•  There Are Three New Startups Every Second

•  Bytedance is the top valued startup, valued at $75 billion.

•  In 2019, Berlin was ranked the best city in the world for startups.

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